Building resilience, when humanity was crying

Recently we all saw the heart-wrenching scenario where people lined up in long queues for oxygen
cylinders besides waiting outside hospitals for beds. Indeed it has been traumatic seeing cremation crisis news flashes on our TV screens. We know how it feels on you and millions of Indians spread across the globe. Some have been unable to do anything across seven seas to save family members who have hit the symptoms of the disease. It has been a traumatizing situation leaving us in jeopardy with a question in us; this is not just human beings dying… Isn’t Humanity dying?

But we salute your spirit who despite living in unprecedented troubled times, gave a new lease of life to many suffering lives gasping for oxygen and other essential needs.

There is a vaccine named “Hope and Actions” which drives any human being to make something
extraordinary which takes out the real warrior in him/her in any hopeless situation and we salute the warrior within you gifted by Almighty who let us win this battle for breath.

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