Education Assistance

Providing educational assistance to needy students is another endeavor from Nishkam that seeks to provide general support and assistance to students who require financial help. The education assistance is not limited on merit basis or through any assessment.

With the gracious support of the esteemed donors, Nishkam has aimed to bring means of education closer to those students who find themselves unable to complete their studies due to financial constraints. The students who are unable to avail the scholarships can take the benefits of educational assistance, where it is made available the requisite books, stationery, and study material etc.

This support is available to all students who are studying in school, attending vocational courses, or having the basic needs. Nishkam has been providing equal opportunities to all students and this is the way to spread hope and positivity among students as an encouragement to studies for brightening their future.

For this purpose, applications are invited from interested students as per the timetable. The Nishkam staff make scrutiny of the applications received and assess the authenticity of the applications for eligibility, genuineness and requiring assistance and support.

Glimpses of work at the ground level

As can be seen in the photo below, the officials and workers reach the needy students in various schools and for help that keeps them following the path to education.

Similarly, as can be seen in the image below, the fellow officials can be seen standing with blessed school children, receiving education assistance.

Every year, XX applications are received from students from various schools having authentic links with Nishkam. Nishkam makes scrutiny of applications to assess the genuineness of students for this assistance. As a result, Nishkam selects a number of students through this effort and brings in its schemes.

Nishkam believes that this type of support will fulfill the dreams and ambitions of many deserving students who are otherwise unable to get benefits from the school and college level scholarship programs. With a far-reaching impact, this assistance is bound to bring a radical change in the educational lives of many students. With the continuous support of esteemed donors, Nishkam is able to offer support to more students each year and to light a candle of hope in the lives of many.

The financial aid also supports parents who are unable to meet the expenses of education for their children. With the right support behind them, many students find the motivation to continue their education and fulfil the dreams of their families.