6th September, 1985 was the date on which Nishkam, in response to an appeal of Shri M.J. Subramaniam of Madras in “The Hindu” dated 4th September I 1985, for the first time, contributed a token amount of Rs 500/- from its limited I resources, for the “Open Heart Surgery” of 10 year old Kasiraman. During next I few years also token sums were contributed for treatment of 5 -year old Ruchika Bhattacharjee suffering from cerebral palsy, 6-month old Kanoo suffering from heart defect, young Anshu Saxena, on whom acid was poured by sadhus, young Veerji Pandita for kidney transplantation etc.


In February 1992, for the first time on the recommendation of Dr. J.C. Mohan, Associate Professor, Dept. of Cardiology, G.B. Pant Hospital, the Council contributed Rs. 10,000/-, from its own fund to a widow Mrs. Gurdip Kaur of New Delhi to enable her to meet the cost of a pacemaker. As the resources of the Council were limited, a decision was taken to issue appeals for such medical cases and provide funds to the extent of mobilisation.


As per the above decision, on 2nd June,1992, the Council issued its first appeal in “Indian Express” seeking donations to the tune of Rs. 55000/- for the bypass surgery of Shri Om Prakash Soni of Bhlvanl (Haryana). The Council could mobilise only Rs 12000/- and the entire amount was provided to Shrl Sonl. Rest of the amount was made up by his relatives and friends and he went through the surgery successfully in AIIMS New Delhi.


Thereafter the Council took up the cases of Smt, Sukhvinder Kaur, a destitute widow with four young children, who was suffering from Chronic Active Hepatitis B++, Smt. Shobha Nanda, a philanthropist of Jabalpur and 23 year old Hargopal Singh of Jagraon (Punjab) for treatment of Aplastic anaemia and 16 year old Rakesh Lal Sah for replacement of heart valves. Smt. Sukhvinder Kaur was keeping well from 1992 to 1997 but after that there was a relapse necessitating treatment again. Smt. Shobha Nanda unfortunately expired.

On 6th September, 1985, when Nishkam had contributed a token amount of Rs 500/- for open heart surgery of Kasiraman, nobody would have thought that 10 years after that date the Council will be in the process of taking up the case of 3-1/2 year old Sukhmani who was born with Cranio-facial abnormalities and had to go to USA for surgery in New York University Medical Centre, New York. On 15th October, 1995, the appeal for mobilisation of Rs 14.00 lakhs (Approx. $40,000) for little Sukhmani was issued and by 30th November, 1995, with the whole hearted support of the entire humanity, about Rs 13.50 lakhs were available for the surgery of Sukhmani. This amount included Rs. 3.50 lakhs contributed by Vijaya Gujral Foundation, New Delhi, from its own resources and by mobilisation from various schools etc. In this humanitarian effort, The Times of India, Siti Cable, Sandhya Times, The Sun, Asian Age, Daily Ajit (Punjabi), The Spokesman Weekly (English & Punjabi), Sikh Phulwari and Sikh Review played a tremendous role, gratefulness for which cannot probably be I expressed in words. Dr. Harsh Vardhan, the then Health Minister of Delhi was also kind to appeal to the people to contribute liberally for the surgery of Sukhmani. Sukhmani went to New York I on 3rd December, 1995, but even after her departure the contributions continued and ultimately Rs. 20.00 lakhs were contributed by the entire humanity. Nishkam transferred $50,000 to New York University Medical College for Sukhmani’s surgery and provided $6000 to the family for upkeep etc. Arrangements were also made for the boarding and lodging of the family at Gurdwara Sahib, Richmond Hill, New York.


As mobilisation of funds for Sukhmanl was In progress there came an emergency call from Mrs. Naresh Kumar Abrol of Subash Nagar, New Delhi, seeking assistance for by-pass surgery of her husband. Shri Abrol was working in a private firm and immediately after his heart attack was thrown out of job and a family with 3 young children was left with almost no support. After verifying facts, the Council provided assistance from its own funds as there was no time to mobilise funds for him. Shri Abrol underwent Bypass surgery in G.B. Pant hospital and lived thereafter to take care of his family.


Thereafter, the Council took up the case of three year old Blessy who was suffering from Thalassemia Major and had to undergo bone marrow transplant at CMC Hospital, Vellore. An appeal requesting for contribution of Rs 5.00 lakhs was made in his case. With the support of the entire humanity, Blessy was also able to go to Vellore in about one and half month’s time and went through bone marrow transplant in April, 1996 and came back healthy to live a normal life.


After Blessy, Nishkam took up the case of 35 years old Shri Yashpal, son of a widow and father of a young girl, who needed a kidney transplantation. An amount of Rs 1. 75 lakhs was mobilised for him and he underwent surgery successfully.


Thereafter, a situation arose when Nishkam had to take up three emergent heart surgery cases at one point of time and as there was no time to issue an appeal, Nishkam contributed from its own funds but decided to set up a medical fund of Rs. 5 lakhs. From this fund now Nishkam continues to pay for such medical cases and also issues appeals to make up the fund.