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Family Assistance Project

Since 2004, Nishkam has supported 2,963 families by providing them assistance in excess of Rs 2 crores

Under this project, Nishkam aims to provide family assistance to the following needy categories:
As part of the process, Nishkam obtains the application of the needy family. The Nishkam team verifies the application and after that, the case is considered to be approved by a Committee of Sewadars.
The Committee approves each case only after studying the case in detail and very closely observing the facts and history for each
(i) Nishkam provides support to Widow Families with young children, who were capable of working and earning their living. Such children are assisted in every possible manner to make them capable for earning a living for the family;
(ii) Person with disabilities, whose life can be made easier by providing necessary assistive devices etc;
(iii) Ways to enable Divorcee girls/mothers to stand on their own feet;
(iv) Assistance to the families with no source of income so that they can again be made capable of earning a living of their own