Delhi Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre

The mission of Nishkam has been to support and aid the needy people of the society. To extend support to educational needs of students, Tuition centres are created in and around Delhi.

This noble cause was started in the year 1985 and has been running successfully till date. The numbers in these past years clearly indicate that a good growth of students have been able to achieve from this program of tuition centres to pursue additional education assistance.

Salient Features of Our Delhi Tuition Centres

The tuition centres are presently running in Delhi with the support of our dedicated donors and workers, who are devoting their time and efforts to run these centres.

  • Classes are offered to students from classes 1st to 12th. The students can learn and gain education under the guidance of able teachers who are capable and provide the requisite teaching to them.
  • All teachers who are employed under these tuition centres having good educational backgrounds and possess the requisite experience to be able to help the students at the tuition centres.
  • The tuition centres are sufficient to accommodate at least 200 students to reach a wider section of the society.
  • During the vacation period, special English learning classes are organized to students as well and they have opportunities to learn skills so that they can also take part in competitive activities like other students.
  • Nishkam is committed to provide coaching to students at a very reasonable cost and made every effort to cover the costs of study and tuition for those who are needy and cannot afford without financial aid. The deserving students can seek concessional help and assistance on the minimum payment of basic cost for coaching help.

Glimpses of the Achievements made by our students

In the pictures below shown how students take part in the tuition centres and are taught by qualified teachers.

Further, many students who have availed the benefit of the tuition centres have grown up and qualified to become prestigious professionals like Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries etc and the students have made Nishkam proud by ranking high in various fields.