Stitching Training Centre

Nishkam started a Stiching Training Centre in 1985 after taking a flat on rent and later a Knitting Training Centre was also added, with the main purpose to bring the young widow sisters of November, 1984 happenings together, so that they, instead of remaining alone in their homes, can be together and share their grief among themselves. This had a very positive effect on them and slowly & steadily the pace of learning stitching and knitting picked up. Efforts were made to bring work from Export Houses and those dealing with ready made garments but it was found that the piece rates of items stitched/knitted were quite low and widow sisters being not very well trained to do the jobs at a high speed, the earning was not enough. Therefore, Nishkam started its own Production Centre, which continues to function. The goods produced are sold by putting up stalls in Gurdwaras