Your contribution towards the

goals of nishkam

As a beneficiary, you will be counted upon for volunteering work at Nishkam. It is not mandatory for every beneficiary to offer their time and effort as a volunteer, but we highly encourage you to show some interest in the common welfare of all activities which are carried out at Nishkam.


As a volunteer, you can contribute in any capacity that you can and in any role that you deem fit. You will have multiple opportunities to participate as a volunteer in events, camps and general administration jobs at Nishkam centres.


Any effort that you make in this direction will be valued and graciously accepted by our team. We rely upon your willingness to contribute to our goals so that we can drive towards our aims and include more needy people in our reach.


If you would like to know more about our alumni program or seek any help regarding the matter, feel free to reach out to us through our contact channels. Nishkam has a dedicated team of volunteers who have shown inclinations to work as a volunteer and contribute their time and effort to carry out the activities for support to the needy citizens in the country.


Everyone as a volunteer at Nishkam, if they are willing to work in coordination with the existing team members for the objectives which they are working for. One can also be enrolled at Nishkam to become a volunteer and involve in serving the needy with dedicated efforts.


Here are some of the major activities where the efforts are described with gratitude from the team members:


  • Taking part in the events organized at Nishkam, planning, organizing and directing the flow of the events and helping in any manner that one can.
  • Taking part in medical camps which are organized by Nishkam.
  • Organizing and participating in career counselling sessions at Nishkam and ensuring necessary support to the participants
  • Providing mentoring services to students who are a part of Nishkam’s scholarship program or benefitting under any relief program, carried out at Nishkam.
  • Providing helpful assistance in running and administration of activities at Nishkam through availability and assessment, and other modes.
  • Provide assistance of any nature as deemed fit, depending on the qualities and skills set for thevolunteer. One can contribute in any capacity utilising their skills at something that could be used at Nishkam.
  • Active participation in spreading the message of Nishkam’s contributions and activities and engaging more people with the organisation to help with the activities which are carried out.
  • Creating an image of the organisation through a proactive approach which spreads the message of the work being carried out by Nishkam.
  • Provide assistance to students who are enrolled at Nishkam for the required assistance in filling forms or any other manner.
  • Carrying out an assessment of eligible candidates for availing benefits under various schemes of Nishkam.
  • Participate actively in checking benefits being given to the needy.


These are a few examples in which one can become a part of Nishkam’s volunteer program. It will be very grateful to those who help and support through volunteering actions.

As a volunteer Nishkam welcomes to enroll so kindly click the button below to access the online form, which can be filled out to send an application for your interest as a volunteer.


We look forward to your support in Nishkam.