Talent Search & Support

As a Non-Profit organisation, Nishkam also aims to target the interests of those students who are not covered in the scholarship programs in the school and college level scholarships by way of a special drive under the talent scholarship program.

About Talent scholarship program

As a noble cause and with the generosity of the valued Donors, Nishkam strives to search and find those students, who do well in their studies, require financial support due to their poor economic condition. The criteria for selection of students has been framed covering the scope so that such objective is achieved. The designated schools across Delhi are approached for seeking their assistance in searching for such students who are meritorious and require financial aid to continue their studies after schooling. Often, it happens that the scholarship amount may not be sufficient to meet the cost of the professional courses for students to pursue further. Thus, this talent scholarship program is meant to assist such students to meet out the entire cost of their education.

For this purpose, the examination is conducted in the month of January to assess the merit of the students. Further, career counselling sessions are conducted to guide the students to select the best available professional courses as per their aptitude. The experts evaluate the potential of students for recommending a suitable career stream for them.

The entire cost of the course is covered by the Nishkam, providing a mentor for the benefit of the students so that their performance is reviewed from time to time. Regular supervision of the student is also carried out.

Process of availing Talent scholarship

A student must go through the following steps to apply for Nishkam Talent Scholarship during an academic year:

  • Submit an application form with requisite supporting documents
  • Undergo a basic screening test to assess academic potential of students, English and moral education.
  • Participate in a career counselling session where experts assess the abilities and interests of the student and their financial condition.

Thereafter, a thorough check is done to judge the authenticity of the scholarship being granted to the student. If all found satisfactory, the student is qualified to avail the benefit under this scholarship program.

Bright Jewels of our Talent Scholarship

Shaifali Chawla is one of the examples for students and parents who wish to be benefited from the scholarship program. With the support of financial assistance and a guiding mentor, she was able to transform her future. There are plenty of other success stories which speak about the significance of talent scholarship programs and encourage the students for availing such benefits.