The medical services of Nishkam in Tilak Vihar, New Delhi started in 1985 with setting up of a small dispensary in a rented flat where free consultation and medicines were provided to all the families affected by November, 1984 happenings. Subsequently, when the conditions became somewhat normal, this facility continued, without any charges, for widows, orphans and senior citizens. Others were provided services on charitable basis.

Sometime in 1987, the then Chief Secretary, Delhi, Shri K. K. Mathur, visited Tilak Vihar, New Delhi personally (not officially) to take stock of the situation in the colony and to see, which of the organizations, attending the Rehabilitation Committee (set up by the Government of Delhi for Rehabilitation of families affected by November, 1984 happenings) meetings were running projects.

Nishkam was not aware about this Committee since all its Volunteers were working and used to go to their professions after working in Tilak Vihar in the morning and came back late in the evening to continue the sewa.

The Chief Secretary, during his visit, found only Nishkam’s Stitching Training-cum- Production Centre functional and asked the caretaker as to which organization was running the project. When told about Nishkam’s name he reacted that he had never heard of the organization’s name. After going back, he asked the Deputy Commissioner, Delhi to invite Nishkam also to the Rehabilitation Committee meetings.

This participation in the meetings helped Nishkam to get favorable decisions in the following important matters: –

  • Getting jobs in Banks/Govt. offices/Govt. Schools etc. for the widow sisters of November, 1984 carnage;
  • Persuading Delhi Government not to recover the cost of houses allotted to the widow sisters of November, 1984 carnage and also allowing them to sell their old houses, which otherwise were to be taken over and sold by the Government for adjusting the recoveries against the cost of new houses.

Also, in one of the meetings, Nishkam sought allotment of land for setting up a Medical Centre in Tilak Vihar, New Delhi. In the same meeting, one participant complained that Nishkam had amassed crores of Rupees by sending photographs of widows of November, 1984 carnage abroad. Nishkam’s the then President, present in the meeting, made it absolutely clear to the participants in the meeting that Nishkam had never sent any photograph of any widow sister abroad to collect funds and will never do so in future and funds were collected only for its projects. He requested the Chief Secretary for an inquiry in the matter to clear Nishkam’s name.

An inquiry was conducted by a Magistrate, who visited all the Nishkam’s projects, scattered in rented flats and checked all the records etc. Actually, what had happened was that Nishkam was collecting family photographs of widow sisters to make Dispensary Cards since the expenditure of dispensary had increased manifold due to outside well to do families availing free facilities. The Magistrate submitted his report and after considering the report the Chief Secretary not only made it clear in the meeting that Nishkam has not done anything as was alleged but ordered for allotment of land to Nishkam for setting up the Medical Centre in Tilak Vihar, New Delhi.

Nishkam paid the cost of land in 1988 and started construction of Nishkam Bhawan, which was completed in 1992. All the projects were then shifted to the new building in 1992 and the Poly-Clinic-cum-Diagnostic Centre was started on 29 th August, 1993. With help from Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundation, New York , a Siemens 500 mA X-Ray machine was installed and also a Clinical Laboratory was started. Subsequently, with the help of donors a Dental Chair was installed, and a Dental Clinic started.

The Medical Centre continues to serve humanity, on charitable basis, with the only change that the Clinical Laboratory and Radiographic services have been outsourced to very good centres, who provide excellent services to the patients.