Sikligar Housing

Housing Project in Karnataka and Rajasthan

The project began with construction of 23 houses (Including one of a Tamil family) in Bangalore between 2001 and 2003. Thereafter, a survey was undertaken and the project was initiated in 25 bastis in and around 15 towns of Karnataka. Most of the families did not own land on which they had built their Jhuggies. As their existed two schemes of the Govt. for construction of houses for the Below Poverty Line (BPL) families, Nishkam instead of constructing houses started depositing down-payments ranging between Rs.5000/- and Rs. 10,000/- on behalf of these families to get them allotted Government built houses. Such deposits were made in case of 91 families. The Government schemes later became defunct and the housing scheme is limited to the families, who are able to purchase land.

The housing project in Udaipur, Rajasthan started, based on an article titled “Guru Nanak’s neglected and extremely poor Sikligar Sikhs in Rajasthan”, written by S. Pritam Singh Matwani of Moga, a Gurmat Parsar Sewak of Gurmat Parsar Sewa Society, Chandigarh, which appeared in Spokesman of April, 2004. In Udaipur, Nishkam has been working with All India Sikh Welfare Society, Udaipur. Since the families owned land, therefore, 33 Pucca houses were constructed for the Sikligar families.