Following the principles laid down by our guiding Gurus, Nishkam believes in the ideology of Good and welfare of all! The ideals of ‘Sarbat Da Bhala’ have been motivating the people who have generously donated to the objectives and helped Nishkam to many lives.

At present,Nishkam is in three regions across the world, India, USA and Canada. Through the gracious support of many, we have been able to conduct a vast number of activities for the needy and poor.

It is only through your support and initiatives to donate in our mission and vision, which has helped for the noble cause and to continue them with the same vigour, even today. With every contribution that it makes, we will move closer to our aim of providing better relief and aid to those who need our help. We believe that we belong to one community and the cause of the community goes in hand for the welfare of everyone who is a part of it.

With your contribution, you can become a part of our welfare effort and make a difference in the lives of many. The needy deserve our aid and if we can come forward to support their dreams and help them survive in better conditions, we will draw unending joy and happiness from their smiles. Let this be the driving philosophy which keeps us walking on the path of contributing for the good of all.

Purposes of Donation

Nishkam accepts donations for the following activities having transparency in which the donations are utilized,

  • Become a sponsor for a needy school going child for his education by pledging Rs 7200 per annum. This is to keep this donation completely transparent and open for scrutiny by the donor by sharing complete relevant information of the sponsored child with the donor and sharing regular details of their progress in school. Through a one to one basis communication, the donor will be able to identify the recipient child.
  • Become a sponsor for an Old age and child orphanage in Mohali, Punjab in Mata Gujri Sukh Niwas, where donation is utilized for the needy children in the orphanage. With this support, the children will be able to have food and attend schools.
  • Become a sponsor for a College going student by pledging Rs 40000 so that the needy student may be able to continue their studies after schooling and pursue a professional course, suitable to their skills and ability.
  • Become a sponsor for a school going student by pledging Rs 8000 so that the needy student may be able to continue attending school and complete the 10+2 level, from where they might be able to take a flight to a dedicated academic or professional arena.
  • Become a donor in the memory of a loved one and pledge a lump sum amount for perpetual use. This will be used as per the interest drawn to carry out the welfare activities.
  • Become a donor for various medical help towords Appeals which are brought out by the Nishkam from time to time, through newspapers and magazines. This will help to meet the expenses for welfare activities for the particular case and provide relief to the needy.

In India, every donation that you make in favour of the Nishkam will qualify for a tax benefit deduction under section 80G of the income tax rules, providing you with a rebate of 50% of the amount donated by you.

Nishkam is a registered organisation under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 and s registered under the Income Tax, 1961. Nishkam is also registered with Government of India for receiving donations in foreign currency from abroad

If you wish to donate to a social welfare cause, you can choose either the online or offline mode to complete the donation.

All donations will be received in favour of Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council.

Or, you can proceed through the following link to make an online donation for any of the purposes stated above.

Nishkam will be happy and highly grateful for every contribution that you make towards our organisation to support the aims and objectives. If you are interested to discuss the matter of making a donation to our organisation, we can be reached through the following contact channels.