College scholarships

With the dedicated efforts and thoughts of many volunteers and supporting individuals and organisations, Nishkam had laid down a foundation stone to support the dreams and aspirations of students, who wish to pursue higher level studies but face financial hardship to fulfil their dreams. Nishkam is dedicated to assisting these ambitious students to help them for a brighter future for their tomorrow. Based on their evaluation, a scholarship amount of Rs 30000 per annum is granted to each aspiring student, to meet the expenses of the course they wish to pursue. The scholarship is renewed on an annual basis, depending on the tenure of the course chosen by the student.

The scholarships are offered to deserving candidates, who wish to pursue further education in professional courses like diplomas, post graduate programs and degree courses etc. Further, the Nishkam assesses the standing of the institution or the university from where the student is interested to pursue the desired course, in terms of its recognition. Nishkam strives to include a wide array of courses and programs the scholarship grant, including engineering, medical, education, business management etc.

Impacting Lives and Fulfilling Dreams

The outcome of extending our helping hand to needy students by Nishkam as under;
Total number of scholarships awarded worth more than Rs 2.40 Crore;
Assistance extended mainly to – 70% rural area candidates and 79% women.
Total scholarships awarded till date – 8000+

Present Outreach of the Scholarship Program

At present, the scholarship program is implemented in northern India partly Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir and Chandigarh and Delhi. The funds for the scholarship program are received from the Sikh Human Development Foundation (SHDF), USA.

The noble effort to alter the educational pursuits of students in India began in 1996. During the tenure of this initial phase, up to 20 scholarships were awarded under the scholarship fund. At present, this number has increased to more than 1000, as on date. During the 19 years, we have awarded more than 3200 scholarships to deserving candidates.

Every year, a newspaper advertisement is given in the month of April and May and the same is also hosted on the website of Nishkam. Students are informed.

Eligibility Criteria for Scholarship

Scholarship is granted after a strict evaluation of each candidate. A dedicated staff for this purpose, examine the background of the candidate in terms of their family and social status. At the same time, it is ensured that the scholarships are channeled for the benefit of ambitious and deserving candidates with a strict vigil of their eligibility and ability to meet the requisite merit criteria. The candidature of any fraudulent or mischievous candidates is cancelled if found guilty. The requirements are given below for entitlement to seek a scholarship from Nishkam.

  • Applicants must have obtained minimum 60% marks in the preceding two examinations from the time of availing the scholarship.
  • The family of the applicant must not be earning more than INR 15000 in a month or INR 180000 annually.
  • Applicants must appear in a written test of General knowledge to establish their earnest to obtain the scholarship. In addition to this, they must also appear for a test in Punjabi language and moral education, based on the book ‘Naitik Sikhya’. The same can be purchased at the Literature publication department, Guru Gobind Singh study circle in Ludhiana. Candidates scoring a minimum 50% marks in these exams are eligible for further consideration for the scholarship.
  • An interview is held post completion of the written tests, to evaluate the skills of the candidate.
    (SHDF’s contribution needs mention)

Glimpses of Action at the Ground Level

As can be seen in the image above, our staff is trained to conduct seamless interviews with the desirous candidates. Interviews are then held at the specified dates after prior intimation to the students. The interviewers interact with the students to assess their merit and eligibility.


In the photo is a glimpse of a written test being conducted in our New Delhi centre. A total of XXX candidates appeared for the written examination.


Nishkam has impacted many lives such as that of Ms Amandeep Kaur in the image above. In a family of 6, she aspires to make it big and support the education of her siblings and her father who collects milk from villages and delivers it from one doorstep to another.


Through the collective efforts of many individuals and gracious donors, Nishkam has been able to bring a radical change in the lives of many students who are desirous of reaching the zenith of their dreams with the right education. We believe that our humble efforts can enhance the lives of many needy people and it is a remarkable foot for us to achieve the milestone of making this happen for thousands of students to date.


Driven by our guiding principle ‘Sarbat Da Bhala’, we aim to serve the interests of ambitious students, irrespective of their caste, religion or creed. With more than 35 years of trust built around our welfare activities, we value every penny received from donors and put them to use for the welfare of many deserving students.