Welcome to the alumni section of Nishkam organisation, where beneficiaries of Nishkam’s welfare outreach activities are welcome to enrol themselves. You are eligible to be counted as a beneficiary at Nishkam if you have previously received or availed any benefit in the form of financial assistance for pursuing your education or a medical aid or any other form of assistance through our channels, which might have benefitted you in one or more ways.

Nishkam encourages you to enroll with us as a beneficiary and participate in volunteering activities at the organisation to further the cause and aim for which we have taken shape, many years back from now. We believe that as a beneficiary at Nishkam, you, more than anyone, are at a place to recognize the importance of the support that our activities can bring in the lives of the needy. It is your opportunity to give back to the community, what you received at Nishkam, in the form of volunteering, which will be of massive assistance to the workers who are already working towards furthering the cause of the organisation.

Together, we will enlarge the scope of our activities and the work that we perform for the community and make a difference for one and all!

Click here to access the online form where you can enroll yourself as a beneficiary at Nishkam.

What Can Beneficiaries Do To Contribute Towards The Goals of Nishkam?

As a beneficiary, you will be counted upon for volunteering work at Nishkam. It is not mandatory for every beneficiary to offer their time and effort as a volunteer, but we highly encourage you to show some interest in the common welfare of all activities which are carried out at Nishkam.

As a volunteer, you can contribute in any capacity that you can and in any role that you deem fit. You will have multiple opportunities to participate as a volunteer in events, camps and general administration jobs at Nishkam centres.

Any effort that you make in this direction will be valued and graciously accepted by our team. We rely upon your willingness to contribute to our goals so that we can drive towards our aims and include more needy people in our reach.

If you would like to know more about our alumni program or seek any help regarding the matter, feel free to reach out to us through our contact channels.