NISHKAM is, a non-political and not for profit NGO, working for the upliftment and inclusive development of underprivileged and vulnerable humanity, irrespective of caste, creed and religion, thus making consistent and dedicated efforts to achieve the Sikh ideal of Nishkam Sewa.

Founded in 1984 by likeminded people, Nishkam is currently working in 7 states in India, while reaching out to downtrodden and impacting lives, through various welfare schemes. Nishkam’s only aim is to empower human dignity, so that they become the catalyst for social change.

Bhai Ghanaiya Ji is the true model of Team Nishkam. The founders of Nishkam, its team of members,volunteers and staff function as caretakers of public money and Daswandh of the Sangat. Providing a continuity of purpose with constant guidance and support, the Nishkam team comprising of young and old medical doctors, educationists, chartered accountants, technocrats, IT professionals, serving and retired bureaucrats, self-employed professionals and businessmen is determined to continue its pursuit of selfless Sewa by continuing existing projects and embarking on new ones.